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The William J. Davis Award


The William J. Davis Award is given annually to the author(s) of the most outstanding article published in  Educational Administration Quarterly (EAQ) during the preceding volume year. The article selection is made by a three-member panel chosen from the EAQ Editorial Board members who have not published in the volume being reviewed. 

The Davis Award was established in 1979 with contributions in honor of the late William J. Davis, former Associate Director of UCEA and Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Contributions to the award fund are welcome and should be sent to UCEA, University of Virginia, Curry School of Education, 405 Emmet Street, Charlottesville, VA  22942-0265.

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Davis Award Recipients

2013 David Arsen, Michigan State University
Yongmei Ni, The University of Utah
The Effects of Charter School Competition on School District Resource Allocation
Educational Administration Quarterly 2012 48:3-38

Rose M. Ylimaki, University of Arizona
Curriculum Leadership in a Conservative Era
Educational Administration Quarterly 2012 48:304-346
2012 L. Wes Smith, Early College High School, Currituck County, NC
James Boutin, Coalition of Essential Schools in SeaTac, WA
School Leadership Policy Trends and Developments: Policy Expediency or Policy Excellence?
Educational Administration Quarterly 2011 47:71-113
2011 Autumn K. Tooms, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Catherine Lugg, Rutgers University
Ira E. Bogotch, Florida Atlantic University
Rethinking the Politics of Fit and Educational Leadership
Educational Administration Quarterly 2010 46:96-131
2010 Roger D. Goddard, Texas A&M University
Serena J. Salloum, University of Michigan
Dan Berebitsky, University of Michigan
Trust as a Mediator of the Relationships Between Poverty, Racial Composition, and Academic Achievement: Evidence From Michigan's Public Elementary Schools
Educational Administration Quarterly 2009 45:292-311
2009 Viviane M.J. Robinson, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Claire A. Lloyd, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Kenneth J. Rowe, Australian Council for Educational Research
The Impact of Leadership on Student Outcomes: An Analysis of the Differential Effects of Leadership Types
Educational Administration Quarterly 2008 44:635-674
2008 Ronald H. Heck
Examining the Relationship Between Teacher Quality as an Organizational Property of Schools and Students' Achievement and Growth Rates
Educational Administration Quarterly 2007 43:399-432
2007 Audrey Addi-Raccah, Tel-Aviv University
Accessing Internal Leadership Positions at School: Testing the Similarity-Attraction Approach Regarding Gender in Three Educational Systems in Israel
Educational Administration Quarterly 2006 42:291-323
2006 Mengli Song, University of Michigan
Cecil Miskel, University of Michigan
Who Are the Influentials? A Cross-State Social Network Analysis of the Reading Policy Domain
Educational Administration Quarterly 2005 41:7-48
    (Honorable Mentions) David Gruenewald, Washington State University Gail Furman, Washington State University
Expanding the Landscape of Social Justice: A Critical Ecological Analysis
Educational Administration Quarterly 2004 40:47-76
2005 Marilyn Tallerico, Syracuse University
Jackie Blount, Iowa State University
Women and the Superintendency: Insights From Theory and History
Educational Administration Quarterly 2004 40:633-662
2004 Susan Printy, Michigan State University
Helen Marks, Ohio State University
2003 Philip Young, University of California-Davis
Julie A. Fox, Ohio SchoolNet Commission
2002 Michelle D. Young, University of Missouri-Columbia, UCEA
Scott McLeod, University of Minnesota
2001 Bets Ann Smith, Michigan State University
2000 Anthony Bryk, University of Chicago 
Eric Camburn, University of Michigan 
Karen Seashore Louis, University of Minnesota
1999 Gail Furman Brown, Washington State University
1998 Nona A. Prestine, Illinois State University 
Thomas L. McGreal, Illinois State University
1997 William A. Firestone, Rutgers University
1996 Diana G. Pounder, University of Utah 
Rodney T. Ogawa, University of California-Riverside 
E. Ann Adams, Granite School District, UT
1995 Mark A. Smylie, University of Illinois-Chicago 
Robert L. Crowson, Peabody College,Vanderbilt University 
Victoria Chou, University of Illinois-Chicago 
Rebekah A. Levin, University of Illinois-Chicago
1994 Brian Rowan, University of Michigan 
Stephen W. Raudenbush, Michigan State Univeristy 
Yuk Fai Cheong, Michigan State University
1993 Ulrich C. Reitzug, University of Wisconsin 
Jennifer Elser Reeves, University of Central Florida
1992 Robert J. Starratt, Fordham University
1991 Ronald H. Heck, University of Hawaii-Manoa 
Terry J. Larsen, Alhambra School District, CA 
George A. Marcoulides, California State University-Fullerton
1990 Mary Stager, University of Toronto 
Kenneth A. Leithwood, OISE
1989 Joseph J. Blase, University of Georgia
1988 James G. Cibulka, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
1987 David P. Crandall, NETWORK 
Karen Seashore Louis, University of Minnesota 
Jeffrey W. Eiseman, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
1986 Tim L. Mazzoni, Jr., University of Minnesota 
Betty Malen, University of Utah
1985 David L. Clark, Indiana University 
Lindo Lotto, University of Illinois 
Terry Astuto, Kansas State University
1984 Cecil Miskel, University of Utah 
David McDonald,Pomona Public Schools, KS 
Susan Bloom, Blue Valley Public Schools, KS
1983 Donald J. Willower, Pennsylvania State University
1982 Robert A. Cooke, Institute for Social Research 
Denise M. Rousseau, University  of Michigan
1981 Cecil G. Miskel, University of Utah 
Jo Ann DeFrain, North Harris County College, Houston 
Kay Wilcox, Shawnee Mission Public Schools, KS
1980 Donald J. Willower, Pennsylvania State University