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UCEA Program Center Advisory Board

Respecting the important symbiotic relationship of the Program Centers and UCEA, the rationale for the PCAB was developed around three themes:

  1. better coordination of the work performed by the program centers and directors with the work and mission of UCEA;
  2. facilitation of communication and knowledge of the work, needs, and objectives of the program centers with the governing and administrative bodies (e.g. Executive Committee and Plenum) of UCEA; and
  3. empowerment and inclusion of Program Center Director representatives in the processes of consultation with the UCEA President and Executive Director,and participation in democratic decision- making surrounding areas of evaluation and review of current program center policy.

Program Center Advisory Members

Representing the UCEA PSRs:
Dr. James Davis, Temple University
Dr. Teresa Wasonga, Northern Illinois University
Dr. Brad Portin, University of Washington
Dr. Jane Lindle, Clemson University

Representing the UCEA Program Centers:
Dr. Scott McLeod, Iowa State University
Dr. Nancy Evers, University of Cincinnati
Representing the UCEA Executive Committee:
Dr. Kathleen Brown, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Chair, Program Center Advisory Board:
Julian Vasquez Heilig, University of Texas at Austin
Associate Director of Program Centers
Program Center Advisory Board Member (Ex-Officio):
Dr. Michelle D. Young, UCEA / University of Virginia