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Equity, Diversity, Social Justice

Supporting equity, diversity and social justice in educational organizations requires skills, knowledge, strategies and community. Whether one is in the position of teacher, leader or learner there is a need for guidance, encouragement, examples and support to support ones practice.  This section of the UCEA website is intended to provide resources to help facilitate the important work of promoting equity and social justice for the benefit of all students.


Developing Leaders to Support Diverse Learners (FIPSE Grant)

Essential to improving schools with challenging conditions is the development of effective, skillful school leaders. This FIPSE and UCEA funded project has resulted in the development of curriculum materials, the LSDL curriculum modulesdesigned to prepare leaders to support diverse learners.  We are now in the process of piloting, distributing, and supporting the use of these purposeful, accessible, and high quality curriculum modules, developed specifically to align with and the six most commonly offered courses in building-level educational leadership preparation. 

These modules infuse critical content knowledge and learning experiences aimed at strengthening a leader’s ability to support the education and development of low-income and diverse student populations into the core curriculum of educational leadership preparation programs.

Mindful of the difficulty of bringing new curricula and pedagogy to scale, the project directly involves faculty from six institutions in design, piloting and diffusion; examines and embeds this work in existing core courses; aligns its content with national accreditation standards; identifies and trains early adopters; makes its products available at no cost online; uses the dissemination and consensus building capabilities of UCEA; provides technical assistance to colleges of education to support replication; and develops a virtual professional learning community to serve as a continuing source of curriculum and resource development related to diversity responsive leadership. Moreover, evaluation of the project includes both formative and summative assessments to ascertain success and foster continuation beyond the funding period.

UCEA commits to support the use and development of diversity responsive learning opportunities for both faculty and students in its institutional members. By strengthening university-based educational leadership preparation programs’ ability to deliver learning experiences that build leaders’ knowledge of and skills for supporting the education of low-income and diverse student populations, we expect that program graduates will have the capacity to improve their practices, positively impact student achievement, and narrow achievement gaps. 

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